What is your style?

 Our hearts belong in the realm of photojournalism. We define our style as a Visual storyteller. We believe that a well-crafted picture will have the same impact as the day it was taken. Taking a picture is not just clicking the shutter, it has the emotional signature of the photographer. That emotional signature comes from the subject, the way they feel, the way they look, the environment. I could go on and on about what pictures are to us but I think you get the idea. Any form of artistry is a subjective matter and we would love to hear what it means to you. ( btw, prints are wayyyyyyyyy underrated )


What kind of coverage do I need?

That is entirely up to you. Give us a call we can help you determine what kind of coverage you need vs. what kind of coverage you want.


Should I book an engagement shoot with you?

Definitely! Engagement shoots are a great way for us to get to know each other, build a rapport, and for you to get the experience of how we capture these moments firsthand.


Will you be up in my grill on the wedding day?

Simple way to put it no. We have spent years perfecting our photography skills so that you can stay stress-free and enjoy one of the most important days of your life with your love ones.

We will be exactly where you want us to be without you having to tell us. (To be completely honest, we would have had a pre-wedding consultation in the drafting phase of your wedding itinerary)


You’re based in New York City. Do you travel for jobs?

Yes, we love to travel! (We are explorers at heart)


What is the cost for destination wedding photography?

Our destination wedding photography packages are the same as our regular wedding photography packages. The only additional costs that our clients would be responsible for are 1) Airfare 2) Baggage fees 3) Hotel accommodations 4) Transportation 5) Vendor meals for the day of the event(s) $30/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not on the events.


Can you give me all of the images that you take?

The short answer is no. We usually take thousands of images when shooting a wedding. We have spent years learning what goes into a great photo. One of our specialty is our ability to cull my images and share only the best with you. We will definitely work together to ensure that all of your photographic needs are met, and we are always open to input if you have specific moments or images that you would like to capture.


Can we give you a “shot list”?
Yes. We do request to share a shot list for your group photos. If there is anything else that we need to know then please add to your shot list.


How many pictures should I expect to receive?

It is dependent on the length of the wedding and the number of shooters, so we can’t be exact on the numbers but typically a 5-hour event coverage would result in 300-600 photos.


Why can’t I get raw files of the photos?

A raw image is essentially an unfinished product. Years of photographic editing experience has gone into creating the finished products you see on this website. If a photographer offers you raw images, you should run the other way! A photographer offering you a raw image is like you buying a Philly cheese steak sandwich without the cheese and we can’t have that now, can we!


When should I book?

Yesterday! It depends on the time of the year. Summer weekends tend to fill up first, but we are sometimes able to accommodate last-minute requests. Send us an email and we’ll let you know what our availability looks like.


Can you hold my date(s)?
We accept bookings on a first come/first serve basis. To be fair with all our potential clients we can’t hold a date without a retainer and a signed contract.


Do you have insurance?
Yes, it’s very important for us as a business to have insurance.


What is this going to cost me?

It depends on the coverage. Pricing starts from $1250, typically our clients spend anywhere from $2500 to $3500.